Tire flipping requires totalbody engagement. It is excellent for building muscle, developing strength, and for harnessing your body’s raw power. Traditional workout machines still support your movement while these tires flips will require a whole new strength from your glutes and quads.

Every flip of the tire will task your muscles differently because your body will need to compensate for tiny changes in your grip and foot placement every single time. Done with good form, these workouts will fire up your lower body, engage your lats and arms, and have you sweating in minutes! 

Here are some exercises to get you started:

Exercise 1: Single Tire Flip

Level: Beginner/Easy

Exercise 2: Tire Flip, Jump Up

Level: Intermediate/Moderate

Exercise 3: Tire Tug, Jump In, Jump Out

LEVEL: Athlete/Hard/Advanced

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Test Your Explosion with Plyometric Jumps 


When it comes to merging strength training with cardio, Plyometric Jumps are a solid choice. Each jump is an explosion of energy and each landing requires stable, controlled movement. Think of how much energy it takes to lift your body off the ground and to absorb the impact as you land. A simple jump challenges the pull of your weight and the pull of gravity. Now imagine taking that to new heights.

Training your body with plyometrics is sure to push the boundaries of what your muscles are used to!

Give some of these power-packed workouts a try:

Exercise 1: Jump Forward, Step Off Back

Level: Beginner/Easy

Exercise 2: Jump Lateral On, Jump Lateral Off

Level: Intermediate/Moderate

Remember to listen to your body and do only as much as you can do with proper form. It is advisable to consult your doctor before attempting a new workout or adding to your fitness routine. Our licensed personal trainers are also happy to help answer your questions, regardless of whether you are a personal training client.

Tires and Plyometrics