Functional Training Equipment

Intensify Your Training with Water Bags 


Take out your daily frustrations on the water-filled punching bags. As alternatives to sand-filled punching bags, these allow for better flexibility under each impact and more closely mimic the feel of a live opponent. They also tend to swing less than traditional punching bags! 

These are perfect for training your stamina, your strength, and your martial arts skills. 

Try out some of these drills:

Exercise 1: Punching Mitts | Drills 1

Exercise 2: Punching Mitts | Drills 2

Exercise 3: Punching Mitts | Drills 3

Exercise 4: Punching Mitts | Drills 4

Exercise 1: Waterbags | Drills 1

Exercise 2: Waterbags | Drills 2

Exercise 3: Waterbags | Drills 3

Exercise 4: Waterbags | Drills 4

Remember to listen to your body and do only as much as you can do with proper form. It is advisable to consult your doctor before attempting a new workout or adding to your fitness routine. Our licensed personal trainers are also happy to help answer your questions, regardless of whether you are a personal training client.