Functional Training Equipment

Condition with Colored Plates and Kettle Bells


Never squint at the faded numbers or sift through the weight racks again. Colored plates help you easily identify the weights available and gauge from a distance which items are not in use.  

You also have new kettle bells at your disposal! Ranging from 5 pounds to 50 pounds, we’ve made sure you have options to customize your workout. 

Challenge yourself with some of these suggested workouts: 

Exercise 1: Dumbbell | Bicep Curls

Exercise 2: Dumbbell | Push Press

Exercise 3: Dumbbell | Lunge Squat

Exercise 4: Dumbbell | Rows

Exercise 1: Kettlebell | Swing

Exercise 2: Kettlebell | Rack

Exercise 3: Kettlebell | Get Ups

Exercise 1: Sled | Sled Push

Exercise 2: Sled | Sled PULL

Exercise 3: Sled | Sled TUGS

Remember to listen to your body and do only as much as you can do with proper form. It is advisable to consult your doctor before attempting a new workout or adding to your fitness routine. Our licensed personal trainers are also happy to help answer your questions, regardless of whether you are a personal training client.