Pro Results®

Personal Training

Pro Results®



Complimentary Fitness Assessment

What's included in your assessment?

• An assessment of your current fitness level
• Testing body composition, if desired
• A timeline to achieve your goals
• Cardio & weight equipment overview
• A quick one-on-one workout

Your first step starts by sharing your fitness goals & developing a workout plan.

Let’s train like a champion together!

Benefits of Pro Results® Personal Training


From designing a customized workout plan to providing ongoing motivation & support, Pro Results® Trainers are dedicated to helping you achieve your fitness goals.


Pro Results® is ideal for all Fitness backgrounds. If you have experience, add variety to your workout routine. If you’re just beginning, learn new exercises & proper form.


You will also get special access to Studio Zone® on the LA Fitness app to guide you through workouts, any time! Measure & track your progress and achieve your goals faster.

What Our Members Say About Pro Results®

“My journey began when I realized if I didn’t change my lifestyle, I would spend the rest of my life unhappy, uncomfortable, and with preventable health problems. I knew nothing about working out, though, and I was terrified of the gym! When I joined LA Fitness, the staff was amazing and understood my goals – to get happy, comfortable and healthy.”   – Rebecca G., Pro Results® member.
“I have trained Max for nearly three years. He’s had to overcome some obstacles along the way. At the start he was battling migraine headaches and vertigo and still hobbling from arthroscopic knee surgery. But in time he started getting great results. In addition to losing nearly 30 lbs his strength has increased, reaching 260 lbs in the bench press and 25 pull-ups. I don’t recall ever seeing a 67 year old do that. He’s a great example that age is not a barrier or an excuse.”   – Alex B., Pro Results® Personal Trainer

Gear up for your next workout with ShopLAFitness apparel!

Gear up for your next workout with ShopLAFitness apparel!

Membership & training options may be presented after complimentary fitness assessment. Certain amenities, including personal training and Kids Klub services, subject to additional fee and entry into a separate agreement.